The Seventh Trumpet Cover


The election of a new Pope coincides with an international interfaith crisis, with literally apocalyptic ramifications. The coincidence of “signs” —and the secret last letter delivered to the children of Fatima—require the attention of Ruth Waller, Anglican expert on the end times, and Alessio Brondini, a soldierly priest who serves as the Pope’s advisor and bodyguard. They are joined by a full contingent of religious and national leaders, including the Supreme Ayatollah, the Russian Orthodox Patriarch, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the leaders of Israel, Egypt, the EU, Russia, and the United States. What unfolds is a suspenseful, headlong rush toward possible oblivion which threatens the entire world. To top it off, a couple of near-miraculous events add to the novel’s wonder and suspense.

Richard Hague, author of the poetry collection During The Recent Extinction and the prose collection Earnest Occupations: Teaching, Writing, Gardening, & Other Local Work.